Monday, October 30, 2006

Madem receives the IESE Alumni Award for the development of the best new course

One of the purposes of the IESE Alumni Association is to support IESE by encouraging the development of business management research and teaching.
In the category of courses, the 2006 prize was awarded to Prof. Baucells for his course on “Managerial Decision Models” and which was selected from three new courses taught within the MBA program – all of which received a rating of above 4.5 out of 5 in student evaluations. The judges particularly looked for consolidation of the course, the relevance of the course in terms of the professor’s research and consulting activities and its application to other IESE programs.
Prof. Baucells’ course aims to develop the necessary skills and perspectives for business problem solving. With an emphasis on widely applicable methodologies, the course teaches how and when to make decisions in uncertain and complex situations.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Linear Regresion File

I hope you still remember the linear regression file we used in class. You can find an updated version of the file with no time limit set in the Teaching section of my web page (go to Teaching/Spreadsheet modeling and Spreadsheet models).
Recall that the file performs linear regression in a very user-friendly and intuitive way. It contains four pages: (1) the raw data, (2) simple linear regression, (3) simple linear regression with transformed variables, and (4) multiple linear regression. It includes the possibility of eliminating data, and doing logistic (binary) regression.